In Print

Robot 6: Talking Comics with Tim: Jen Van Meter (July 2010)
Comic Book Resources: Van Meter’s Lucky “Black Cat” (April 2010)
First Comics News: Jen Van Meter talks about the Black Cat (April 2010)
Newsarama: Spidey’s BLACK CAT Pounces Into Her Own Mini-Series (March 2010)
Marvel News: Miss America: Golden Age Gal — Writer Jen Van Meter talks about showing how men alone didn’t win World War II (May 2009)
Comicon: Van Meter’s First Year With Black Lightning (January 2009)
Broken Frontier: Bottled (Black) Lightning (December 2008)
Comic Book Resources: Van Meter Strikes with “Black Lightning: Year One” (October 2008)
Comic Book Resources: Injustice For All: Van Meter talks “JSA Classified” (August 2005)
Comics Bulletin: Jen Van Meter on DC’s Cinnamon: SBC Q&A (August 2003)

Audio / Podcasts

iFanboy: Don’t Miss: Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Black Cat #1 (June 2010)
Word Balloon: Jen Van Meter Strikes With Black Lightning! (February 2009)
Word Balloon: Jen Van Meter Interview (November 2005)


Electric Playground: Hopeless Savages discussion with Shaun Hatton (December 2010)