Thunderbolts 159

Art by Kev Walker

Art by Kev Walker

Written by Jeff Parker, Frank Tieri, Jen Van Meter and Joe Caramanga

Penciled by Declan Shalvey, Matthew Southworth, Eric Canete and Valentine De Landro

Cover by Kev Walker

The chaos of Fear Itself strikes Thunderbolts Headquarters as the Juggernaut is deemed Worthy by the God of Fear! With the maximum security prison bleeding super criminals, the Thunderbolts must work together to keep the Marvel Universe safe one of its most powerful prisoners and his newfound weapon of the gods! Frank Tieri, Jen Van Meter, Joe Caramanga, Eric Canete, Valentine De Landro and Matthew Southworth join Jeff Parker and Declan Shavley for a monstrous-sized issue giving fans all sides of this blockbuster battle. Can the Thunderbolts hold themselves and their world together against Fear Itself’s tide of anarchy? Will the newly empowered Juggernaut, the Breaker of Stone, be too much for them?

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