Iron Age 2

Art by Michael Lark

Art by Michael Lark

Written by Jen Van Meter & Elliott Kalan
Penciled by Nick Dragotta & Ron Frenz


Trapped in the past, Iron Man must team with The Human Torch to get back to the future — but DOCTOR DOOM stands in their way! IF they survive, can Stark warn Johnny of his eventual demise? SHOULD he? Killer Robots! Broken Hearts! The Battle of Gettysburg! This one’s got it all! Writer Elliott Kalan (AGE OF HEROES) joins the legendary team of Ron Frenz (SPIDER-GIRL) and Sal Buscema (SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN) in JOHNNY STORM: SUPER STAR! BUT FIRST! Can the combined muscle of POWER MAN & IRON FIST help Iron Man get back to the present and save our world from the PHOENIX? Jen Van Meter (THE BLACK CAT) joins Nick Dragotta (FANTASTIC FOUR) to bring you GHOSTS OF CHRISTMAS PAST!

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